January 13, 2010

GHI: Eden Hotel

The Ghost Hunters International team, having explored Nazis on the Run in their previous investigation, continues their Argentinian adventure in the town of La Falda, at a site rumored to be the most haunted in the entire country.

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January 14, 2010

Sierra @ 8:27 pm

I'm a skeptic leaning towards the "believer" side of things, but a ghost baby? With Dustin seeing a running (not crawling) shadow and carrying on a kind of conversation with an infant, are we being led to believe that when babies die they can suddenly run and speak? I think the biggest revelation in this segment was that Dustin is a dad… I had no idea.

January 17, 2010

haphsaph @ 12:13 am

To clarify the "baby" ghost, it was stated that this was an 18-month old. At a year and a half, most babies can walk, and some can speak clearly in short bursts.

January 21, 2010

The Doctor @ 10:28 pm

Didn't the 360 Microphone come with some software that was supposed to give the direction of sounds? Curious that we have never seen any of that form of evidence.

BTW – GHI didn't find there was a Nazi connection to this hotel also?

January 30, 2010

Bernie @ 7:43 am

Why aren't there any more full write ups on these shows? Just curious.

jcarton @ 9:07 am

From the Grand Hotel Viena.

Yeah, I'm sorry guys. I'm just not feeling it. Watching these shows has lost much of the excitement for me and it's like I can't drag myself to sit through an episode any more. I have them backed up on my DVR for the time being. Not sure if I am going to continue reviewing though. I will certainly keep posting them so everyone can discuss though.

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