January 6, 2010

GHI: Gran Hotel Viena

A Ghost Hunters International investigation that explores the theory Adolf Hitler didn't kill himself in Germany but actually fled to Argentina and currently haunts a washed-out (literally) hotel there? Sweet! Maybe next week they can look for Napolean's ghost in San Dimas.

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January 6, 2010

Nicole Morgan @ 11:50 pm

Does anyone know how old the Gran Hotel Viena is? I have googled it and can't find any info on it. Thanks!

January 7, 2010

blinddog50 @ 9:32 am

Julie @ 3:42 pm

The hotel was property of the Palkhe family, they built the hotel between 1940 and 1945, the closed it down in march 1946, after WWII ended…

phillyk48 @ 5:28 pm

I just can't get over the "ghost" they photographed on the bed. When they put the outline around it, did you notice the shape of its head? I immediately thought "Oh wow, it's ET!!" Though until they did the reveal and pointed it out on the bed, I didn't even see it prior to that. I did enjoy Paul and hope he investigates with them again. At least he did some good debunking and would dash over to an area where he thought something might be going on, like the "dark mass" he thought he saw go past a window.

blinddog50 @ 7:59 pm

It really is getting harder to watch these shows.
Don't know what the lowest common denominator is on paranormal shows, but, I think we passed it before the last rest stop.

CrowTRobot @ 5:12 pm

I don't understand this: Supposedly, in one room, Robb and the two ladies are getting something to respond by lighting up the red and green lights. After a half dozen or so responses, they just stop using it and just ask questions (for Hitler…please). Why didn't they ask yes and no questions? – light up the green for yes, red for no. It's almost as useless as J&G promising a ghost that if it gives a sign that it's there, they will leave.

blinddog, you are correct. It gets a bit harder to watch. I didn't even bother to watch the last few GH episodes, and didn't know GHI's new season had begun until I found this episode on demand.

phillyk48: I didn't see the 'figure' on the bed either until they outlined it. What I thought odd is that it looked like it was sitting all the way across the bed and still had it's legs drapped over the side – that's some serious lower extremities.

January 9, 2010

Sierra @ 8:33 pm

Perhaps I'm being overly judgmental, but I found it strange when Dustin and Joe went to the roof to investigate a "thump", only to run into a flock of… was it pigeons? After nearly being run off the roof by them (the most frightening part of the entire episode, if you ask me) they went on to hurriedly look around corners to make sure there was no explanation for said "thump". Now, I'm not saying a bunch of birds were stomping around up there, or even if they were that they could cause a sound like what the two young men heard. The strange part was Dustin and Joe not mentioning it as a possibility. It kind of felt like they were disregarding the birds so they could have one more piece of "evidence". Justifiably, they didn't mention the incident afterward, but I was still a little surprised. Am I alone on this?

January 10, 2010

Xev @ 4:17 pm

The "ghost" in the photograph is the same color of the light from the cameraman and looks to me like the head follows the same line. The line of light is real bright at the top and fades into the ET head shape and to me the whole top half of the bed and cameraman look bathed in the purple light.My guess is just a reflection from the cameraman.

I did enjoy Paul so this episode had one positive.

Learjet @ 6:14 pm

The GHV can't have Hitler. He's locked in my basement along with Elvis and MJ. :)

That Ramsey meter looks like loads of fun. I bet I could talk to ghosts all day with it.

January 16, 2010

juliana Feitosa @ 12:36 pm

Nossa…esse programa foi INACREDITAVEL. Até agora eu to com medo

blinddog50 @ 1:50 pm

No. incrivel ridiculo sim.

January 20, 2010

Logisti @ 9:26 pm

Hopefully I will get all caught up on reviews in the next couple of days — haven't forgotten!

January 27, 2010

Croda @ 1:26 pm

When you do the full review of this, please be sure to mention the part where Paul (I think it was Paul) sees the "black mass" outside the window, and then about a minute later there is very clearly a person (not a ghost, entity, or mass…a person in a baseball cap – was Hitler a Cubs fan?) standing outside the window as the camera pans by.

I was watching On Demand, rewound to be sure of what I saw, and then turned it off. I couldn't even suspend disbelief long enough to sit and watch the balance of the show.

Logisti @ 10:40 pm

Yeah, I'm sorry guys. I'm just not feeling it. Watching these shows has lost much of the excitement for me and it's like I can't drag myself to sit through an episode any more. I have them backed up on my DVR for the time being. Not sure if I am going to continue reviewing though. I will certainly keep posting them so everyone can discuss though. If someone else is interested in reviewing GH or GHI drop me a PM.

April 9, 2010

DAKOTA WADE @ 9:38 am

That Preston castle episode was scary as crap…i could barley even sleep!!!!!!

DAKOTA WADE @ 9:44 am

I didn't see it either.I have one question.How come they see the ghosts and we dont and every time they see one it goes on commercial.I hate when it does that!!!

July 15, 2010

Paul the non-ghost hunter @ 12:19 pm

Everytime I hear them recording ghostly footsteps, I wonder how much a ghost weighs.

I also wonder why ghosts only come out when the lights are off, and yet while out, look to suck dry any gadget battery they can find. If they like electricity so much, you think they'd rather have the lights left on.

But all that aside, I find it completely believable Hitler's ghost is running around some hotel in Argentina.

July 16, 2010

Stephen @ 12:14 am

ptngh: Logical fallacies in ghost hunting? Say it ain't so! (Are you simply not a ghost hunter, or do you hunt non-ghosts? I guess it's kind of an important question, as a non-ghost myself. Currently.)

According to Dr. Duncan MacDougall, human souls weigh 21 grams. I guess ghosts must weigh that amount as well, which means that we should dump all of this EMF detector nonsense and put down postal scales instead.

Paul the non-ghost hunter @ 8:53 am

Stephen, simply not a ghost hunter, so rest easy, lol. I used that name because some of the other posts were referencing a guy named Paul down at that hotel in Argentina.

But I will credit the show with one thing. It got me googling the hotel, and basically the whole thing of war criminals hiding in Argentina. I always knew some went there, but the subject is pretty interesting. For instance, one conspiracy-like theory says two or three U-boats transported some of the Nazi higher-ups and then covertly coordinated a secret off-loading along the coast. There's some credible evidence backing this up, including reports of U-boat chasing for a few days by the Argentine Navy.

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