July 15, 2009

GHI: Cesky Krumlov

This complex of buildings is impressive at 43 buildings over 15 acres. Among other interesting artifacts on the grounds were the skeletal remains of a woman possibly thought to be those of Saint Reparata. They also claim to have the oldest functioning theater in Europe and while I can't speak to the validity of that claim the theater did seem classical (possibly baroque?) and quite lovely.

In this theater there have been reported sightings of a woman who is believed to be an actress who killed herself on stage. Robb and Ashley started off the investigation there. Robb reported hearing a woman's voice say, "No" followed by a creaking from the stage area but it seems neither were recorded. Ashley was up in the balcony seating area and heard "shuffling" but that also didn't make it to the audio recording.

Later in an older part of the complex Robb was with Joe when they both heard a woman's voice several times, but it was apparently very faint and — no surprise here — didn't show up on the audio recording when they reviewed it later.

Down in the wine cellar Brandy and Dustin had the thermal imaging camera and picked up a heat signature they couldn't immediately identify. Dustin said it looked exactly like a person. Brandy pointed out it was just a light fixture. This incident provides yet another instructional moment in just how flawed someone's perspective can be, polluting the way they experience events.  In short, I don't care if Dustin comes out of a building swearing up and down he saw the outline of a person in the room with him where no person was standing, I will never ever find that impressive unless accompanied by a recording of said outline so others can get a look and draw their own (perhaps less biased) conclusions.

Dustin and Brandy also heard a voice seemingly from nowhere (also not recorded) shortly afterwards, but the real news was that GHI was throwing a birthday party for Brandy, now a quarter-century old!  Of course, like Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters, this party wasn't just personal and qualified as a business write-off — in this case because there were reports of another ghostly woman who appeared whenever a party was thrown. Sadly, said woman did not appear to have attended Brandy's party.

Evidence of interest upon review included the fact that one of the recorders, placed in the dungeon by Dustin, had only 4 minutes of audio recorded, dead batteries, and the sound of something moving nearby just before it went dead. I would argue perhaps someone forgot to charge the batteries, or perhaps Dustin turned it on, looked around, then knocked into it accidentally or something before climbing back up — who knows? Interesting? Perhaps. Definitive? Far from it.

The surprise party may have been devoid of female apparitions, but they did catch some sort of streak-of-light on video at one point. Again, not definitive, and I would say not really very interesting (I have about a million badly taken photos with similar artifacts) but I suppose we can't rule out the paranormal since we don't actually know for sure what caused it.

Actually, scratch what I said earlier about not picking the voices up on the audio recorders, supposedly they captured at least one of the incidents but I have to applaud Robb on this one: He made the point that hearing a voice out of nowhere in seeming response to a question is "a lot different" from just hearing a voice randomly that you don't know where it's coming from. Their guide Hana seemed disappointed by the findings but ultimately I think GHI did a fair job and Robb in particular outlined an important distinction I hope he adheres to in future investigations.

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July 16, 2009

blinddog50 @ 8:24 am

I still have a problem with the language translation thing.
Personal experiences don't mean squat, why bother even mentioning them Robb.
The flash of light.
How does a non-biological entity(dead)with no mass suddenly become bioluminescent?
It can't.
Unless it's swamp gas or Joe Chin gas (I still think Joe's serving time with GHI because of his slip-up with the K2 and the radio at the McKeehan House investigation).
Barry, Robb, catch your cameras, don't trust anything that involves pixels, you had a problem last week and this week.
At least I can take comfort in that they didn't declare the place 'haunted'.

Logisti @ 11:16 am

@ blinddog50, "I still think Joe's serving time with GHI because of his slip-up with the K2 and the radio at the McKeehan House investigation"

I think that's a little too cynical :) This is clearly a promotion for Joe, he went from being a bit player on GH to a core team member with GHI. He gets to travel the world and more importantly he's in 4x as many episodes, which not only means more exposure for him (that can translate into some convention speaking gigs at the very least) but almost certainly a bump in pay-grade.

blinddog50 @ 12:03 pm

Yes, quite obviously Joe is on the A-Team now.
I have fallen into the Devil's Den of Cynicism. Oh why am I such a hater, as Grant would say.
Please, I beg leniency.
As punishment I deserve to have to set though a Joe Chin seminar.
I plead mercy.

alicat @ 12:21 pm

Blinddog, I give you less than 15 minutes before you're asleep. I'd grant you mercy before I'd let you take that punishment. Then again, you might get some good REM sleep.

blinddog50 @ 12:30 pm

Well, if Joe speaks on all his combined experiences (Did you hear that, My batteries are dead) I'm looking at 5 min. max.
Kind of like a commuted sentence.

Revenant @ 1:24 pm

Blinddog- "How does a non-biological entity(dead)with no mass suddenly become bioluminescent? It can't."

Two weeks in a row now, we have been presented with some sort of light "caught" on video. Very curious.

In last weeks episode at Wicklow Gaol, Logisti deftly pointed out a possibility for the two strange geometrical shapes shown concerning the ring of infared lights encircling the camera's lense. In this weeks show, we see something very different, yet…still geometrical in outline.

To me, it seemed like someone turned on a light, perhaps a flashlight, in another room. If the top of the TV screen is "north" then the angles of the geometric shape on the floor suggest that the light source is coming from the south-east. Of course, we do not get to see what is in that south-east corner. If there is a doorway or some sort of opening, then, we have a possible explanation.

This is really starting to bother me. Why aren't we given the chance to see exactly where these images are happening in the daylight and from different angles? It's as if they aren't looking for other possibilities…

Cheryl H @ 4:24 pm

You know this episode really was the most boring I have seen. But rather than content I think I feel that way because I lost faith in them. Once you figure out they are just grasping at straws, what is left? But that still makes me like GHI better than the original. The original guys are creating their evidence rather than desperately trying to make something of the nothing they find, and for me that makes GHI more sincere. Plus the locations ain't bad. I don't think the little flash of light was worth mentioning in the reveal and I thought it was kinda sad for them that the lady was so disappointed. Maybe some of us just have to accept that there may never be proof of the paranormal. What keeps us searching?

blinddog50 @ 7:01 pm

Rev, Full spectrum camera, GHI's K2 Meter.

Speaking of which, why does GHI not use the K2 Meter.
With J&G's astounding success with it you would think it's use would be SOP.

alicat @ 7:40 pm

After watching this episode, I decided it might be better to go to the website of Cesky Krumov and review what they claim as opposed to the paranormal investigator who spoke on behalf of Dr. Slavko, the Castle's Director. Here’s a link to the site and their own section called “Tales and Legends”. It’s a shame that there were so many other interesting things they could have investigated and did not. Here is what I found.


First, in the theatre, the paranormal investigator states Evelyna, at the end of the play, pulled a dagger and killed herself. Then she makes the claim that when the cleaners were doing their job, they heard what she believed were some female voices. So, when GHI investigates, this is what we find:

First, Robb has caught the Gonsalves Syndrome. He tells Brandy that during the live performance, the actress grabs a dagger from David's belt and that workmen in the theatre still hear a woman’s voice even when the theatre is empty. Huh? Inside the theatre during the investigation, Robb turns and asks Ashely in the balcony if she could hear “that” – she proceeds to say yeah but you can’t hear what "that" is so Robb says it sounds “almost like a creak” and decides it sounds like it’s coming from center stage. Then he claims he hears a woman’s voice saying “no”. Ashley says she hears shuffling behind her but he barely hears her call his name. No sounds are heard to the ear. At the reveal, Robb states "some of the bigger things that happened are in the theatre and we had many different times we had sounds of footsteps, movements, boards creaking but did not recover any evidence from within the theatre" yet we heard absolutely nothing. Wouldn't we at least have heard something if Ashley is confirming she heard it in the balcony? Come on.

Now, here is what the website states actually happened in the theatre on their own website. Notice, nothing is mentioned about "voices" at all but it does confirm the actress killed herself at the end of the performance. "During the last act of the play poor Evelyna stabbed herself in the chest and died on the stage. It was impossible to wash the blood off the boards, and for a long time the stain was a reminder of the unhappy day." Here's the link:

Now we come to the "Depository" which isn't even listed on the website. Actually, the depository was a storage room where costumes and props for the theatre were stored. The only reference to any skeletons, remains or saints are that of the possible remains of Saint Pope Calixtus I who died around 222 in Rome and are in St. George’s Chapel not the "Depository" as they would like to label it.

During the investigation I almost had to laugh when Brandy said to the skeleton that it had been “discarded like a piece of old furniture” because it was in a prop room. I'm sorry if it was a real skeleton but I'm guessing not. By the way, surprise, Robb said at the reveal nothing happened in the room. Here's a link:


Next we had the Summer House. The paranormal investigator actually gave her a name, Baroness Macknovinana (not sure of the spelling), she mentions she drank a strong red wine and then tells that it is believed that she is the lady in the painting on the wall which she points to and says it’s her because she’s wearing a red dress and has been appearing here whenever there is a big party.

GHI goes in and all they get is a flash of light in the lower corner that lasts 1 second (55-56) while they were setting up for Brandy's surprise party – nothing more.

Here's what the website says: "She took someone's advice to drink a full goblet of red wine at one go. Afterwards, she collapsed in a faint and never came to again. Each time a party took place in the Summer Manor afterwards, an unknown lady with a high hairstyle wearing a red Rococo dress would suddenly appear among the guests. She vanished before the end of the party just as mysteriously as she appeared. People used to call her the enigmatic Rococo lady."

Hmmm…. no mention of a strong wine – just a full goblet, no mention of the hair style (the picture does not show the "high hairstyle") and she was called "the enigmatic Rococo lady" not the Baroness or that she appears there whenever there is a party as her last appearance was, by the use of the words "used to call her", some time ago.

There is no "Tower Dungeon" per the website. There was a jail. As far as the alchemist, here's the link. Different story about the jail than what was told GHI. Read "Široká No. 77":

Per the investigator, she tells a story that at "the end of the 16th Century, one of the alchemists practicing here goes down in the dungeon and he died of unexplained reasons. Supposedly he has been seen around this area, around the dungeon, and also walking up the stairs towards the top of the tower."

In the Tower, Robb and Joe say they hear a woman's voice three times, yet again, we hear nothing. Dustin and Brandy investigate and Dustin hears what he thinks was a short "voice". Then, claiming once again, the batteries were drained in the dungeon, Robb claims there was definitely something in the dungeon but all they heard at the reveal was a sound just before it "loses power" and shuts off. Oddly at the reveal he tries to associate the woman's voice with the "White Lady" and even the investigator looked at him strangely as it was such a far fetched comment. What can I say. We all know that old story.

Dustin & Brandy go to the wine cellar which was not even shown on camera as a possible paranormal location. They both state they were told (conveniently off camera I guess) that to apparitions had been seen there. Of course they found absolutely nothing. On the pages linked, see “Cellars of the IV Courtyard" which has no paranormal claims.

One of the most interesting claims was saved for the last minute of the tour was just brushed off by both the paranormal guide and GHI which I think is astounding. The claims of the White Lady. They devote an entire section on the website to this claim but evidently no one thought it important enough to really research. Very odd.

Also, can someone tell me why Barry, while explaining the camera set up, had set up a shot of the kitchen and the same floor (third) of Summer House comprised the three other camera set ups? I understood the two but the third one he called the “entire length of the third floor” which was the Summer House as well.

So, this episode ended up with absolutely nothing. I thought it was funny though when the investigator stated at the very end "I think at the present time the ghosts just left us but it’s definitely good to have GHI here to prove that the castle is not haunted". Huh?

Revenant @ 11:40 pm

Alicat – "During the investigation I almost had to laugh when Brandy said to the skeleton that it had been “discarded like a piece of old furniture” because it was in a prop room. I'm sorry if it was a real skeleton but I'm guessing not."

Actually, I'm guessing that the skeleton is real. Just not a skeleton of a Saint. I'm Czech and I have family still in Prague. Czechs have some weird fascination with skeletons and bones for some reason. Look no further then the Sedlec Ossuary (also known as the "Church of Bones"):

I have to admit, even I have fossils and a couple of interesting bones laying about. Finding beauty in both the past and death…it's in our DNA. :)

And nice background check on the history. Too bad TAPS doesn't have any researchers to do this kind of thing for them before they arrive. Oh wait, actually…I think they do. So, if that's the case…what exactly are they doing?

July 17, 2009

Nosfer @ 9:51 am

I liked how Robb specified that it was a LIVE performance during which the actress in the PLAY killed herself. No, it wasn't the LIVE vs KILLING I found funny (well, maybe a bit) it was more the image I got of some artist sketching each scene so they could play it back for the people who were able to attend in person.

alicat @ 11:39 am


True, true! I missed Robb's specifity that it was a LIVE performance of a PLAY back then. Guess they didn't have TV reruns, tapes, CDs or DVDs. Your image of it being sketched for playback was very funny!

blinddog50 @ 1:19 pm

Good thing they didn't have Stango with them.

Steve: Tango, look over here, this is the actual skeleton of the woman that killed herself on stage.
Tango: No way man! That's creepy.
Steve: It's true. Back in those days, when an actor died during a performance, they would put the body in a glass coffin and keep it at the theater. It was considered quite an honor. See that veil over the skull's face. That means she died as a virgin actress.
Tango: WOW, a virgin actress, I've never heard of such a thing.
Steve: I read that somewhere. Let's move on.

The Doctor @ 1:54 pm

Revenant – My Grandmother was born in a small town about 10 miles from Kutna Hora, but the Ossuary was closed the one day I got through there a few years ago. Prague is one of my favorite places to visit.

A couple of points regarding the flash on the camera in the Summer House.

The low lux camera 1 was showing the same area and had a wider field then full spectrum camera 2, but we are not shown any flash on it's recording, so the flash must have been outside visible light.

Curious that SOMETHING is illuminating the back room in the shot, enough so that the light spills out into the room where the camera is.

If you frame by frame, there is a slight change in that backroom lighting as the flash disappears, but none that I can see when the light appears – perhaps a passing car bounced some light into the rooms ? It would be interesting to see more frames and if the back room then went back to "normal"

Speaking of cars, that EVP of a womans voice sure sounds like a passing car to me.

With all the great possible locations in CZ, I find it hard to imagine they only shot this one.

Oubliette @ 2:29 pm

Alicat, that was great research!

Prague is on my list of "places I hope to see before I die". So many period films have been shot there, including the TV series of the "Scarlett Pimpernel" back in 2000 or so. It was the main reason why I was looking forward to this episode. In fact, I love when they go to Eastern Europe, being my ancestors were from Poland and a section that is now Lithuania.

It was only assumed that the bones were of a Saint. That is certainly the way relics are kept. But there may have been another reason why she was stored away like that. Perhaps a grieving husband? I recall Mad Queen Juana, who kept her husband's body close by wherever she went. Might not this have been something similar? We'll probably never know.
Does anyone remember how old the bones are supposed to be?

Guess you could say seeing Cesky Krumlov was the highlight of the show since basically nothing of note happened, though the team tried really hard to make it seem like it did. Still, I think GH would have bungled it a lot more than GHI–the example above by blinddog may have become reality.

As far as Joe Chin, he is getting much more air time, as Logisti pointed out. I'm sure he's enjoying it, as being one of 11 siblings I'm sure he's savoring the spotlight that is on him instead of being in the midst of the rest of his family!

The Doctor @ 2:35 pm

Looks like I have the cameras mixed – the flash is seen on the low lux camera 1 and appears to be outside the view of the full spectrum 2.

BUT Joe Chin does mention, " while we were setting up for the party". A good guess would be that the party was IN that back room, which would explain why that room had lights on at the time and the change in lighting as people moved around. Since we know that we have people, lights and movement in that area that flash should be thrown away without comment – It could easily have been from a normal camera flash used to document the "party".

alicat @ 4:04 pm

Oubliette, The investigator said the clothes were from probably back in the 9th century but she had no idea except that it was the skeleton of a woman. The site itself has no idea and this skeleton is never mentioned. The only one is that of the Pope that resides in the Chapel. There is absolutely no way to know and obviously the administration has no interest to even make a footnote of it on their own site.

The Doctor, The commercials for next week state their investigation is in the Czech Republic. It's called "Gate to Hell" and is described as "The team probes a castle in the Czech Republic that was allegedly built over a portal to hell."

The Doctor @ 4:53 pm

Thanks … think I found it http://www.hrad-houska.cz


Wonder if they will take this into account for their EVP's ?

" The whole court is endowed with amazing acoustics, which is Houska became a popular place for holding various concerts."

blinddog50 @ 6:22 pm

"The team probes a castle in the Czech Republic that was allegedly built over a portal to hell".
I'd hate to be the agent trying to push that sell when the time comes.
Maybe they don't have full-disclosure over there.

The Doctor @ 6:49 pm

That's just real-estate jargon for "Granny flat in basement, perfect for your Mother-in-law"

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