December 15, 2008

Collargate: Final Analysis–Part 1 Grant

by Oubliette

I know that we are probably all "collargated" out, but my husband and I had been working on sharing what we believe to be actual evidence of this most unsettling and disappointing event.  I apologize for the graininess of both the screenshots and some of the edited video, but the original was very poor to begin with.

For consistency, I will use the word "string" to describe whatever was pulling Grant's collar down.  However, it may also have been magician's wire or even fishing line.

It is important that you read my comments In order to understand what we think is being shown.  Also, be sure to view the shortened video after looking at the screenshots.  There were more screenshots but unfortunately my media player simply would not cooperate; hence the long time it has taken to produce these results.

Grant's fist is balled around something that he has just pulled out of his collar.

Grant's fist is closed around something that he has just pulled out of his collar

Note the tiny object just above Grant's index finger.  He has opened his fist to toss this away.

Note the tiny object just above Grant's index finger. He has opened his fist to toss this away

The object is now airborne.

The object is now airborne

It's gone. As you can see, it was not something in the background, as we first thought. It was probably the anchor for the thread or wire (which still remained in the collar)

It's gone.  As you can see, it was not something in the background, as we first thought.  It was probably the anchor for the string (which still remained in the collar).  Please view the video because at normal speed a flash can be seen for about 1/2 second as the object goes up and falls to the ground.

This action on Grant's part was not enough to remove the device.  The string is much stronger then he bargained for.  Despite the pulling out of whatever this is, it still remains firmly inside his collar, to be discovered by Jason during the search that followed.

Grant's Attempt To Remove String or Wire

On to Jason….

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December 25, 2008

E Gates @ 10:02 am

Very good find. Very good. Thank you for catching that and sharing.

Oubliette @ 10:15 am

Thank you! Almost two %^&@# months but it was definitely worth it. If WMP allowed screenshots the object's trajectory would be even more apparent, but this turned out pretty good and shows what needs to be shown.

Happy Holidays to you!

January 4, 2009

dr_peter_venkman @ 8:48 am

There is another thing that is circumstantial but had my attention since I first watched the collargate footage. It is how Grant uses his hands. I think this is particularly telling in the first minute of the video. After his collar gets "tugged", he says "whoa" and raises his left hand as if to regain his balance. His right hand never moves from his side. After Jason returns to investigate the tug, Grant reaches and grabs his collar with his left hand which contains a digital recorder. To me this is unnatural to use a hand which contains an object. Again, his right hand never moves from his side. Between 0:47 and 0:51 seconds in the video linked above, you can clearly see Grant is manipulating something with his right hand. It appears to be a twisting motion as if he is wrapping a line around his hand to regain or increase tension for another pull. Once Oubilette's well-analyzed sequence above is complete does Grant use his right hand at 4:09. I think this supports the conclusion that Grant was grabbing and discarding a piece of the hoaxing apparatus.

Oubliette @ 9:39 am

Dr. Peter-an excellent catch! That infamous right hand that never leaves his pocket is one of the biggest pieces of evidence. And he certainly doesn't hold it still ever since he disappears in an alcove just before this section of the video begins and then reappears with hand in pocket.

I still wonder why he decided to go through with this on a live show. Perhaps he is so used to being filmed and then the show edited later on that he simply didn't give it enough thought.

January 6, 2009

dr_peter_venkman @ 6:40 am

There is also the fact that he ditches the camera he was carrying in the alcove. This is another strong piece of circumstantial evidence.

I also wonder what would motivate him to attempt this. If I was asked to attempt this, I would be sweating bullets thinking about the number of observant eyes that would scan the unedited video content.

January 8, 2009

The Doctor @ 3:25 am

I've wondered about that camera, and if he left it running and positioned to capture his act from the other angle.
The unedited feed from the sci-fi channel was transmitting the FLIR signal at the time, but it was breaking up pretty badly and they never gave us audio. I don't see anything of importance on it.

jack @ 8:12 pm

You know, we get annoyed when gjost hunters see dots on film and call them 'orbs'

I think TAPS refers to these dots as 'dust'

But I guess, if they help you out, anyone can believe that these dots are something more than dust, no?

Dave @ 8:22 pm

I believe collargate provides us with a perfect example of why this series airs on the Science Fiction Channel. It's entertainment, not science. Oustanding bit of detective work, Oubliette!

January 11, 2009

DaveFrancisIPR @ 8:28 pm

I think the motivation was simple – do his best to keep people sitting there for seven hours. What irks me more than the collar is the blatant fakery on the amazing EVP captured that night. I forced myself to sit through what was supposed to be the analysis and "reveal" of what happened that night, and noticed a marked lowering in the level the voice came through. But, that's been rehashed elsewhere – no sense in beating a dead horse. even if the horse wasn't as dead as they'd have liked us to think it was.

January 14, 2009

Frank Enstein @ 9:05 pm

Look at the video titled "grant's attempt to remove string or wire". Jason fixes Grant's collar, pats him on the back and Grant walks out of frame from left to right. Just before he walks out of frame, he drops his right hand and the collar wrinkles up just like every time he was "grabbed".

I watched it 20 times. I hate that these guys are frauds, even if it's 1% of the time.

January 15, 2009

Dave @ 1:09 pm

I looked at the video only twice, but picked up on what you saw when Grant drops his right hand. It's pretty obvious!

January 16, 2009

dr_peter_venkman @ 9:00 pm

The GH rerun this week was the episode where the comforter was pulled up while Grant was "sleeping". This sure looked like it could have easily been done with some fishing line and a small attachment. Seems similar to the MO on the collar job.

January 18, 2009

Dave @ 8:13 pm

The blanket episode lent itslef to some serious suspicion the very first time I laid eyes on it. At the time of the original airing it looked like it had been pulled with a line of some type and after watching it several times that conviction only got stronger.

January 19, 2009

Ron @ 12:52 pm

This post influenced me to watch the video again and what I captured is beyond belief. I was watching the video using my editing software (better to slow down frame by frame) and I stopped the software to answer the phone. Unbeknownst to me, I hit the lottery. This was freak of luck! Look here and watch

The word is spreading quickly and folks are talking about this video.

Dave @ 1:04 pm

Good eye, Ron. Seems as though you did hit the jackpot with this catch. I am actually a little disappointed in these guys. Of course they will deny it and the show is on the Science "Fiction" channel but this looks like you have them dead to rights.

scifake @ 1:08 pm

Thanks! It was purely by accident and I was looking at the video in slow motion frame by frame over a cup of coffee and stopped the software to get my phone. Came back and I was staring at the string. I could NEVER be so lucky. LOL.

The word is out and now I am waiting to be contacted by the network. :)

Oubliette @ 2:39 pm

Have you boys been behaving yourselves while I've been gone??? Sorry I haven't been around but am battling some recurring health issues.

Ron, you have captured what I have been trying desperately to do but unfortunately I had only the grainy video to work with. Congratulations!

As you stated, it is in slow motion that the truth can be seen. The trouble I had was that with WMP screenshots were not possible. I was getting about 20 frames per second and the whole story in that entire section of the clip was there for all to see, but I just couldn't get my software to cooperate, so I produced this thread and hoped for the best.

IMO anyone who still thinks these guys are legit are in denial. The only question remains is whether Jay knew about it beforehand. If he did, I believe he was trying to talk Grant out of going ahead with the trickery, but to no avail. I can almost feel sympathy for Jason as he knew what an uproar this would cause.

Kudos to you and everyone else who has worked so hard to produce the evidence we and many others needed.

The shame is it's hard to watch any paranormal show now without that trickery demon whispering in my head.

Thanks TAPS for destroying the credibility of serious and honest investigators who have been working their butts off. Hope you enjoy your B & B. Seems we fans have been a real cash cow for you guys.

Oubliette @ 2:50 pm

Ron – can you PM me? Can't seem to find your name on the list.

I want to discuss some of the tech difficulties I had in trying to obtain my screenshots which show the wire but just barely, which is why most folks couldn't see it on my grainy uploads. Also want to discuss the earlier toss by Grant of what I believe was an anchor of sorts for the wire inside the collar.

Again, I am absolutely thrilled by your evidence. It's what I've been trying to say and show all along.

Again, marvelous job.

Nosfer @ 2:54 pm

All I am going to say is that would be a AWFULLY thick and lumpy piece of string… I have no doubt this was staged, but I'm not convinced that anything I've seen yet is the smoking gun proving it.

scifake @ 8:52 pm

I'm sorry; however, you have contradicted yourself.

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