May 28, 2008

GH: Palace Theatre

The Ghost Hunters were up in Manchester, NH to investigate the historic Palace Theatre, a beautiful building with more than a few frightened employees. The manager at the Palace filled TAPS in on things he knew of happening over the years, including hearing moaning seemingly out of nowhere, an employee turning the water off only to hear it go back on after leaving the room, and even an employee who walked into a room and was trapped there for three hours after the door shut by itself and wouldn't budge.

As with any historic building worth its salt the Palace had at least one Death-Legend, a less-than-successful actor who reportedly killed himself on the premises. His shadow, or the outline of someone believed to be him, had been reported a number of times either walking in the balcony seating or actually sitting up there during rehearsals or at other times.

Jay & Grant, being amateur plumbers when they aren't busy being professional Ghost Hunters, decided to check out the sink first. They determined that the hardware was fairly new and there was really no chance that pressure in the system could force the faucet to turn on, but noted that when the nearby dishwasher was on it sounded very similar to the faucet running. If they employee actually saw the water was on (and had to turn it off again) that was one thing, but if the employee only heard the water go on then perhaps it was really just the dishwasher?

Their next stop was the room where the employee was trapped for three hours, where they noticed scuff marks on the inner doorframe indicating that the door was a tight fit. They also noted that the door was made of solid wood and if there was some humidity in the summer it could potentially expand and be extremely difficult to open.

In the theater proper Kris Williams was investigating with Joe Chin. They were looking up into the balcony to see if they could see any hint of a shadow sitting in one of the chairs, when suddenly Joe sees exactly that. Kris looks as well, and the camera looks, and we're all seeing it: There is actually a shadow in one of the chairs! Oh wait, it's Joe's shadow. There was an IR emitter on the stage behind him and it was casting shadows of both him and Kris up onto those seats. Oh well.

During the analysis Steve notices a weird orb but Jay & Grant dismiss it as a camera artifact. Apparently they are using a new camera that auto-selects color or black & white depending on the lighting and this can sometimes create odd-looking visual anomalies. Personally, I shook my head at this. We've leveled some (constructive) criticisms at some of the Ghost Hunters' tools and techniques but rather than fix the existing problems it seems like they're potentially creating more for themselves. <sigh>

For the coup-de-grace of the episode though, we have the reveal. During their historical research TAPS turned up an interesting fact: The man who had supposedly committed suicide in the theater actually got married, moved to Florida and died there in his mid-to-late sixties. Apparently the paranormal activity at this theater suffered a similar fate.

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May 29, 2008

Yeti33 @ 11:03 am

I guess they have to put episodes like this one on to show that they don't get evidence every time. They should have put this one first.

CrowTRobot @ 11:55 am

…or just continued the first episode a few minutes longer.

And the part at the end with Kris and Joe dressed up dancing…..lame. Even Joe looked embarrassed.

Lil D @ 1:43 pm

I was embarrassed FOR them! :-) Why do they continue to investigate theaters? IMO there's just too many possibilities with sounds playing off the walls, and shadows from inanimate objects.

The theater folks are always just desperate for TAPS to find their places haunted – and they never have enough evidence for the claims.

Lastly, I am sick of TAPS investigating commercial or historical places – those who can make money on the claims. I really enjoy the small businesses (like the "there is no Jean here" episode) and the residential locales. I wish they would stick with those; I feel evidence collected there is more credible. Of course with homes people may be getting ready to sell them! :-)

Sully @ 2:03 pm

Well, at least the Palace Theater's website isn't touting TAPS' visit or any ghost tours:

Of course, if TAPS had found anything, it might be a different story.

Logisti @ 4:38 pm

Sully, good point but I think it illustrates that TAPS is not "in league" with these places — so if someplace does start offering Ghost Tours it doesn't mean TAPS's investigation was rigged in their favor.

At least not by TAPS themselves… see what I mean next week. I have it on good authority that there will be shenanigans of the unTAPS variety.

Sully @ 4:42 pm

Good point, Logisti. Could be that TAPS is a victim of its own success, in this respect. The group has become so well known, and so well respected, that it's beginning to attract specious "entrepeneurs" who'd like to exploit their property's association with TAPS for commercial purposes.

Boring as I found last night's episode, it did represent a sort or return to the "roots" of TAPS. Next week's episode sounds intriguing! :-)

allie0720 @ 6:39 pm


I'm very excited for next week's episode. I listen to J & G's radio show and next week's episode is going to be an interesting one with plenty of shenanigans, apparently!

Also, I don't know why they even bothered to show this one. I don't mind when they split the episode equally between 2 locations, but when they do the 45/15 split (or sometimes the 50/10), it really doesn't do the 2nd place justice.

I remember an episode, a couple of seasons back, where they went to a hotel as their second locale, and all they did was tour the place! They didn't show any sort of investigation at all!

May 30, 2008

Garflonk @ 2:32 am

This was actually a good episode because they went in, debunked what they could and left. They actually did some historical research and came up with plausible explanations for the supposedly frequent paranormal "occurrances."

Jason's comment about when people talk you can hear it in the front and back of the theater….uhhh have you ever heard about the science of ACOUSTICS? Of course you are going to hear voices from weird angles and locations inside the building, it is old, hollow and build for sound to travel. There was no public address system in 1914!!

The debunking of the sink was questionable due to the fact the theater "president" (whatever that means is there a vice-president or secretary of lighting?),didn't tell them how long ago the sink incident occured. It could have been 10, 5 years ago and the sink could have possibly been replaced since then. They even said it was new and in great working shape. I think there is a difference between hearing a sink run and actually shutting it off and returning to find it running again. Plausible explanation with the dishwasher, but not 100% debunked. It has happened on a previous episode while Grant was present in fact.

The door in the storage space was a great piece of debunking, however, they used good common sense to figure out that doors can expand and contract with heat and humidity. There was no indication as what time of the year the door slammed and shut the poor bastard in there for 3 hours!!! Maybe it was an a$$hole employee playing a prank to get them to quit. I really don't blame them if they quit, though. Yikes!! I would develop claustrophobia after having that experience!! That sucks!!

Kris and Joe are idiots. Personally, I wish Kris would have sported a nice,tight corsett instead and done a nice strip tease on stage. Joe is the new guy so I don't blame him for being dumb, but it doesn't help his case as being a TAPS member. Those two are acting like dorks.It was that or they stepped out side to smoke some wacky tabacky. Either way, not very professional, I don't care how funny they think they are. I think it ultimately hurts the hard fought image of TAPS as the top of the field. If only Kris wasn't as cute as a button!!

It seems that alot of these old theaters have the folklore of some depressed, poor schmoe hanging himself and haunting the place. Maybe in the grand scheme of American folklore this is a common thread. I'm glad they actually went to the F'ing library and found out for sure. Sorry Palace Theatre!!

In the reveal the strange, streaky, orb things were definitely odd. I want to elaborate on Grant's explanation…"Artifacts in the lens" means that in signal processing, is any perceived distortion or other data error caused by the instrument of observation. Good job Grant!! Way to use correct terminology! Grant's explanation was correct, but my theory is they are in fact "ghost sperms" who haunt the night searching for "ghost ovums" to impregnate. Maybe that is how ghosts are "born."

According to the film Stand By Me, the theory is that Casper the Friendly Ghost is the ghost of Ritchie Rich. I don't believe that because they exist in the same comic universe. My new theory is that Casper is the product of the "ghost sperms" finding a "ghost ovum" and impregnating it. Hence a young ghost boy.

P.S. There were some nice back angles of Kris' sweet booty in action. I hope the cameramen realize they are doing all the heterosexual men a great service by providing these butt shots for us to enjoy. Keep up the good work and happy booty hunting, I mean "ghost hunting"!!


violetteb @ 1:44 pm


Actually the Palace does bury their touting of New Hampshire’s Paranormal Research Society Ghost Quest visiting and finding ghosts there on their about page:
They probably sought the attention of Ghost Hunters because they have a TV Show.

Oh, I am so looking forward to next week's show.

Love this site.

June 1, 2008

Oubliette @ 9:11 am

Hi, I am a newbie here so please be kind!

I'm so happy I found this site. I see some very intelligent discussions and observations here, and as a skeptic I appreciate balanced viewpoints. There is also the sense of "keeping an open mind" that I pick up on this site.

About the Palace Theatre–IMO it was a bad investigation from the get go. It appears that TAPS went in having no real intention to do a halfway decent job.

Little needs to be said about mistaking shadows for an apparition on the seats–that is too laughable and not even worth commenting on.

What galled me the most personally was the "debunk" of the faucet. Some good points have been brought up here re: when was the running water sound reported, what exactly were the circumstances etc. re: whether it was the old or new faucet etc.

I find it hard to believe that Jay and Grant would determine that it was probably the sound of the dishwasher running. Duh! Anyone who owns a dishwasher knows that it does NOT sound like water running from a faucet. Also, if the manager, president or whomever he was mentioned the sound was heard while the dishwasher had been running, I must have missed it. Sorry, but that debunk was just about as lame as one can get.

And I've had doors get stuck on me during times of high humidity. But I find it hard that someone could not have gotten that door open in spite of this during the three hours this person was stuck there. I know I would have used my whole strength–shoulders, legs etc.–to get out, and my guess is eventually the door would have opened.

Another lame debunk.

The less said about Kris and the new guy goofing up on stage and professionalism, the better. And no reprimand (at least as shown) like Brian and Andy both had to endure many episodes ago.

A great big Hello to all here!

June 3, 2008

Lar @ 1:53 pm

They see shadows IN the dark. They must be using their infrared-thi-glandular-macro-lensalizer. I gotta' get me some GH equipment like the GrantFudgeAFactorReactor. It moves pictures frames, lamps, slams doors, & lifts tables!

Oubliette @ 2:03 pm

It's off topic but like Lar, I was wondering the same thing. What was all the fuss about when the contest winner is never mentioned and/or seen again? Did they decide to drop the idea and figure if nobody talked about it, it would go away?

I made myself crazy trying to explain over at the BIG BOARD that this was just a contest for the fans, not auditions to add another member to the GH team. The TAPS followers were taking it so seriously there was just no getting through to them. It was just a means to give a fan a chance to go on an investigaton with TAPS, period. The criticisms leveled at the contestants by some posters over there ended up in the realm of the ridiculous.

But if you are going to have a contest, why not follow through? What is the harm? And the winner could not do more damage then these awful wrestlers (at least they didn't try to pass off the idea that Elijah was "a friend of Steve's" the second time around) to TAP's credibility.

Anyone knowing what happened to the missing winner, please post. Maybe after all the fuss and criticism he decided to pass on the honor.

June 4, 2008

Wes @ 9:00 am

I'm guessing the guy didn't want to quit his day job for, at most, a one-year deal that's probably not that lucrative.

August 19, 2008

NHDemonologist @ 7:42 am

I just want to make a comment. Ghost Quest Paranormal did investigate the palace theatre in 2007, which they were called in. TAPS came to investigate the palace in 2008. I just wanted to clear that up for everyone.

Oubliette @ 5:15 pm

Just wondering,was anything found during the 2007 investigation?

August 22, 2008

NHDemonologist @ 9:26 am

Yes, the staff who work there had many reports of seeing a woman in white always on or near the main stage of the theatre. During Ghost Quest investigation in 2007, they got evidence of this lady in white. She is floating above the stage. Really cool. Go to and look for 2007 cases.

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