April 23, 2008

GH: Old Washoe Club

This is another location featured in the "Ghost Adventures" two-hour special. It's got some interesting history behind it. There was a "Millionaire's club" on the upper two floors which featured suites, a pool room, poker room and a spiral staircase near the back to facilitate keeping the prostitution on the down-low.

Some of the deaths reported to have occurred in the building include a prostitute who was supposedly murdered on the 3rd floor and a man who committed suicide by pills on the 2nd. There are many reports of a "Blue Lady" and various other sightings, including a delivery man seeing a young child looking down from the top of the spiral staircase.

The Ghost Hunters set up their gear and first stop for Jay & Grant is the 3rd floor, where the prostitute is said to have met a violent end. Grant may be starting a trend, this is the second time I've seen him say some bizarre things to any spirits that might be in the room. Here he says that he and Jay are going to "find the guy who did it and bring him to justice." He also calls on the spirit to "Check us, we don't have any sharp objects."

They also pull out the K2 meters, which many had thought TAPS had retired but are now being used in a new way: setting them down somewhere in a room and observing from a distance. In this case they set two of them up, one on the floor and one on the window sill. A different points they do get responses from both. Jay said later that sometimes it seemed as if they were going off in response to a question but at other times it seemed random and acknowleged that normal electromagnetic interference was a possibility.

Right around that time they also both heard humming though, which was interesting. For a moment I thought I heard it too but then I realized it was just Jay trying to imitate what he had just heard for Grant to see if it was the same thing Grant had heard. They heard it a couple of times but none of it made it into a recording.

On the 2nd floor Steve spins a colorful, imaginative yarn to Dave Tango about what used to go on there. I was teetering on a knife edge trying to figure out if Steve was just joking around or if he seriously believed he knew what he was talking about. They hear a sudden noise and go to investigate, only to discover a PVC pipe with air rushing out. After noticing the smell Dave realizes it must be the exaust fan from the downstairs bathroom. I don't think I've laughed so hard during any previous Ghost Hunters episode.

During the evidence review there is only one possible EVP, and it's so faint they don't even feel comfortable running with it. Their research turned up some facts that were a bit more interesting: There is a record of the suicide, but no record of the prostitute who was murdered. Also, the Old Washoe Club apparently was originally in another building which burned down. On the other hand, the records from the time when the murder supposedly occurred have been lost, so it hasn't been disproven.

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April 23, 2008

Ghost Hunters investigate Goldfield Hotel in Nevada @ 11:42 pm

[...] which was received rather well and I believe this location, as well as the next one (The Old Washoe Club) were featured in that [...]

April 24, 2008

Veronimica @ 2:00 am

"Dude, we just breathed in someone's poo…"

Best line of the night!

Mary @ 8:01 am

"Dude, we just breathed in someone's poo…"

It was worth watching an entire hour of them find nothing just for that truly Stooge-inspired moment!

blinddog50 @ 8:23 am

Do I see a new hat in the next GH episode?

"Dude it's Poo!".

Otherwise the same old stuff.

I see a shadow…yawn.
Did you hear that…yawn.
Must be a residual haunting…yawn.

I swear it's getting to the point where could interchange the investigations and not know the difference.

medievil @ 8:54 am

What do you expect???when they catch evidence, people claim it is grant faking… When they don't people gripe cause they don't find anythign…
I just don't get it…
Some places probably DO invite them for the publicity….and I don't doubt some places faking a few things trying to pull one on them either…

Logisti @ 10:41 am

medievil, it may look like that but I think you'll find that most of the time it's not the same people making both complaints.

Maybe you can chalk it up to: You can't please everyone.

Some people might prefer a bit more entertainment, I prefer a bit more science. There are good arguments for both, but I would suggest mine is the better argument since TAPS themselves claims to use scientific techniques.

Personally I have no real problem with these last two investigations.

Todd @ 11:23 am

I'm wondering, Logisti, if Steve wasn't relating what the owner had told them during the tour. That as the owner pointed out the different features of the room, Steve then embellishes the description when retelling it to Tango.

Also, regarding the murder of the prostitute, would there be any report of her murder inside a club frequented by the rich and powerful of the community? Times haven't changed that much in 100+ years. The rich and powerful can hide their role in the less than desirable action.

I couldn't help but think of "We just breathed someone's poo" as I was cleaning the restroom this morning. Obviously neither of the boys have kids or had to change a diaper.

Logisti @ 11:31 am

Todd, re: prostitute murder, I definitely think the lack of a record doesn't mean much, but the fact that the original Washoe Club was in a different building might mean such a murder didn't take place in this one. In the end, I file this under *shrug* unknown.

re: Steve, I think he definitely was related to what he learned on the walkthrough but it seemed like he was embellishing it heavily. In general, and maybe this is just me, but Steve gets on my nerves when he explains things to the people he's working with because something in his tone — to me, at least — seems condescending.

CrowTRobot @ 11:43 am

Logisti said: "In general, and maybe this is just me, but Steve gets on my nerves when he explains things to the people he's working with because something in his tone — to me, at least — seems condescending."

I like Steve, but yea, now that you mention it, there does seem to be something there. Which is especially annoying since he is a professed non-reader AND afraid of every object – animate or inanimate – known to man.

Robbin @ 12:41 pm

I didn't really get this episode and to me it was kind of a waste. The exception was the whole exhaust fan poo thing, hilarious!

It was wierd that you didn't find out until the end that the original building burned down and the rebuild was in a different location. How do we know where either the suicide or murder really took place? Record keeping back then was not the best and then some went up in flames.

Todd you are correct the very rich could have easily gotten away with it especially back then. These mining towns were very violent places full of lost souls.

Regarding Steve – it seems like he has a wierd thing with Tango and that may be why Tango and Kris are paired together so often. With Brian, Steve sparred like brothers. With Tango, Steve seems like he is 'picking' on his younger brother. Steve has that very matter of fact mono-tone almost, that I can see how it could be considered condescending. It also seems to me like Steve does not seem to be featured as much this season and he is kind of lethargic when he is there.

CrowTRobot @ 1:07 pm

Robbin: re Steve and Tango. It seems to me that when they are going over the evidence (Incidently, why doesn't anybody else help these guys?), they are just a bit too chummy:

"Hey Tango, listen to this." "Wow! That's great Steve. Good catch." "Thanks Tango."……"Hey Steve. What do you think of this?" "No. That's just a flashlite, but great catch…good eyes Tango." "Thanks Steve." "Hey Steve. Mom's making that pizza you like so much. You wanna come over? We can stay up and watch scary movies." "Wow. Sounds Great, Tango. What time?"

April 25, 2008

Garflonk @ 1:52 am

Throwing a baby down a mine shaft seems a little bit extreme and rather halarious!! Chain that whore to the radiator!! How dare she bear the child of another man!! I order the bastard child thrown down the mine shaft!! OMG that was so funny!! Waaaaahhhhhh!! Die whore die!! The Old West is so F#&**& up!! Not a bad episode, though. There was nothing that really bothered me or made me go, hmmmm. I think more episodes should be like this. These are the Ghost Hunters we have come to know and ummm well, maybe love. Jay is Mario, and Grant is Luigi. Thank God for Tango and Cash (Steve) who can actually debunk worth a f#$%.

Robbin @ 11:48 am

CrowTRobot – I never did quite get the whole reviewing the evidence thing. Brian and Steve used to horse around. Steve and Tango it is so fakey chummy, you are soooo right!

Two people is a question to me. They always say they have hours and hours of things to listen to and view and there are two people. It must take way more time than we think. I mean seriously how long could you really pay attention?

May 10, 2008

iwanttobelieve @ 3:15 pm

medievil: You wrote ages ago, but I do have to kind of agree – part of me gets annoyed that there's nothing happening in the episodes, but we have to remember that they claim that "in 8O% of the investigations, it turns out to be nothing." Therefore, I guess we're seeing the "reality" (HA) of what they do. (From their point of view, anyway.) Besides, if they get nothing for a while, aren't people more likely to believe that when something "happens," it really is paranormal?

October 31, 2009

Ron @ 12:09 am

I visited the washoe saloon twice in one month. The 1st visit i took a picture inside the pool hall and on the 2nd visit with my girlfriend i took one picture of the bar and another shot going up the spiral staircase. I found two ghostly figures above one of the stair rails about 15 steps up on the drywall…the clearer of the two is a face of a young man with dark hair peering directly at me. I could be nuts but I've looked at the image a hundred times and , although faint, there is defintely something there!

November 1, 2009

gary dolling @ 11:55 pm

i was in goldfield last year at a locals bar just down the street from the goldfield hotel,i went an checked it out peering into windows and stuff,it was 10.30pm or so,kind of freeky looking in expecting something to jump out.then i walked back to the bar,started talking to some of the locals there' the patrons there were really cool and bought me and my friends a beer,one of the ol boys told me that when he and his buddies use to break in to the old hotel and partyed there several tims as teens and would spend the night there,he told me they never saw or heard anything,and the ghost talks are all bull shit. dont want to burst anybodys bubble but i belived this guy.

November 2, 2009

gary dolling @ 12:14 am

invite me ghost hunters,make me a beliver.gd

alicat @ 7:36 am

Umm….. gary dolling… you do realize this is a skeptical site don't you?

November 4, 2009

Howard @ 1:28 am

virtual reality views of Washoe Club:

virtual reality views of Goldfield Hotel:

alicat @ 8:21 am

Welcome Howard and thanks for the links. Very interesting.

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